Who are we?

The founder's quote: "Humankind has to revolutionise itself through innovation.

But we must be cautious not to get lost. The success will be to combine the past with the future! 
The best of the physical world combined with digital technology to simplify and optimise.

At Pack-e we make it easy for you to personalise and purchase your packaging."

His profile

45 years old, married, two children and living in Nantes for more than 20 years.

His personal background?

An envelope for a cot and a paper sleeve for a blanket... " I am a child of paper and printing.

As soon as I was born, I was already in an envelope factory! »

His career

« The smell of Ink left its mark on my childhood memories as a child. It was through books that I imagined - dreamt of the future driven by the vision of the year 2000 and its science-fiction imaginary... »
From a general education with a focus on economics, it was very quickly the work environment and the contact with customers that attracted me. As a Business Developer & Manager, then as a Business Expert, I spent more than 20 years working for a European Industrial group, leader in postal envelopes and light packaging for retail, e-commerce and dedicated logistics.
Then came the desire to shake up the rules, to combine new technologies and the knowledge of packaging and wrapping.


Each profession has its own codes and organizations which are difficult to change because they are old and tried and tested. Packaging and wrapping are no exception, the business models and channels used remain classic and struggle to innovate.
« I remember this neighbouring e-retailer who was just starting out, asking me what the minimum order was. I should have answered him the one set by the general terms and conditions of sale... I promised myself that day that I would meet his expectations in a differently, going so far as to store his packaging in my garage for him until his business grows and achieves the success it deserves... ».

The Pack-e team

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of printing & graphic arts, packaging & wrapping, Pack-e France has established itself as the specialist in the manufacturing of packaging and customisation.
Our team is made up of independent experts, all legitimate in their respective fields, from shop packaging to E-Commerce packaging, banking, ... The 20 years of experience and skills of the founder alone would not be enough! They are also the teams of our partner factories with their expertise and advice that make us more efficient and more in tune with our field. All this with the sole aim of offering you adapted and innovative solutions.

Our promise

We rely on a light and agile structure that rethinks the business relationship. Pack-e France offers you a Business & Domain Expert when you want, over the phone or by appointment, to accompany you and guide you in your search for the packaging solution you need. No more need for an in-house sourcing - purchasing function which would be underused all year round and would cost you a lot of money...